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Why Propane Tanks Have To Be DOT-Certified

Key Takeaways The Department of Transportation (DOT) regulates the manufacturing and safety of all propane tanks that can be transported via road or rail. Both 1lb disposable and refillable propane tanks are examined by the DOT to ensure they were manufactured according to compliance. 1lb refillable cylinders are built according to DOT 4BA requirements, which…

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ReFuel Your Fun: Safer Propane Powered Leisure

Key Takeaways ReFuel Your Fun was created by the California Product Stewardship Council to educate people about the environmental and safety hazards of disposable propane tanks. The campaign focuses on the benefits of switching to refillable propane tanks and works with businesses across the country to make them accessible.  As a leader of 1 lb…

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Refillable Versus Disposable: A Guide to Propane Tanks

Key Takeaways 40 million disposable propane tanks are used each year, with a large portion of them piling up in landfills from irresponsible dumping Disposable propane tanks are hazardous to the environment and an economic burden to your wallets. Refillable propane tanks are the only solution to reducing unnecessary waste of propane tanks. Life just…

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“It takes Basch’s Rocky Mountain National Park facilities team about a week to process the few thousand bottles thrown away in the park over the prior year.” “They’re basically little bombs,” says Brad Fimrite, president of Mountain States Environmental Services.” “More recently, the brand Flame King has developed a one-pound bottle that can be refilled…

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“The Best Refillable Propane Tank Options” Ryan Wichelns creates a step by step video on how to refill your 1lb propane cylinder using our 1lb kit and your own BBQ tank

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Tapping Into the 1-lb Refillable Cylinder Market

Propane marketers don’t deal much with 1-lb disposable propane cylinders. “Coming in contact with them is more of a nuisance than a benefit to them,” Sam Newman said. Newman, CEO of propane cylinder company Flame King (Pico Rivera, Calif.), says individuals bring their 1-lb cylinders to propane marketers to dispose of them. The propane company…