Frequently Asked Questions

Where can I find the manufacturer’s date on your tanks?

The manufacturer’s date is located on the collar of the tank and has a format of 2 digits for the month followed by a large A and then 2 digits for the year.

It should read something like this: 02 A 20.

Are Flame King cylinders pre-purged?

All Flame King cylinders are vacuum purged and ready to fill.

If your tank has a sticker on it that says it needs to be purged, it may be there for legal purposes but does not mean that the tank is not purged. Our tanks now have stickers stating that they are pre-puged.

Can the tanks be mounted upside down?

Because our tanks are vapor draw, they cannot be mounted upside down.

In fact it is highly flammable and can cause a fire if the liquid comes out instead of vapor (this does not apply to the forklift tank).

Does the Smart Scale support a 15lb tank?

If your tank says 15lb on the label, it is usually because that is how much most places will fill it at max capacity.

Most likely your tank is a standard 20lb tank

What percentage of propane do I have at max capacity?

For safety purposes, tanks only fill to about 80%. This allows for any expansion of gas that may occur due to temperature changes.

Why is my torch not lighting?

All propane torches must be turned on very low in order for them to light. Once there is a flame they can be adjusted to a much bigger flame but initially the knob has to be opened very low.

What is the difference between the DOT & ASME certified tanks?

DOT certified tanks require re-certification after 12 years from the date of manufacture.

ASME certified tanks never need to be re-certified.