ReFuel Your Fun: Safer Propane Powered Leisure

ReFuel Your Fun Flame KingKey Takeaways

  • ReFuel Your Fun was created by the California Product Stewardship Council to educate people about the environmental and safety hazards of disposable propane tanks.
  • The campaign focuses on the benefits of switching to refillable propane tanks and works with businesses across the country to make them accessible. 
  • As a leader of 1 lb refillable propane tanks, Flame King is a proud partner of theReFuel Your Fun campaign.

Propane is an affordable, efficient, and environmentally friendly alternative to other fuel sources. However, like any flammable material, there are dangers associated with it. Unlike some other flammable materials, propane comes compressed in a tank, which results not only in a lot of excess waste but also waste that can be harmful to you and the environment. In response, the ReFuel Your Fun campaign is educating people about the environmental and safety hazards of disposables.

What is ReFuel Your Fun?

Sacramento County, along with a group of cities, realized the hazard problem that was being created by disposable propane tanks being dumped into their landfills. Aware of this environmental impact, the California Product Stewardship Council, in conjunction with local government agencies and other partners, created and launched the ReFuel Your Fun campaign. This campaign’s goal is to increase the use of reusable camping propane tanks across the state of California.

The ReFuel Your Fun campaign works with businesses to offer refilling services to residents and creates informational content highlighting the benefits of switching to refillable propane tanks. Due to their efforts, there are refilling and recycling stations as well as authorized sellers of refillable propane cylinders located all across the country today.

ReFuel Your Fun Locations

Why is ReFuel Your Fun Important?

One of the major reasons behind the creation of the ReFuel Your Fun campaign was to address the space these disposable propane tanks take up in landfills. To give you an idea of the scale, an estimated 40 million 1 lb propane tanks are purchased every year. Since most disposable propane tanks must be properly emptied and vented before they can be recycled, most recycling centers won’t take them in. This results in a massive load on our landfills.

ReFuel Your Fun Flame KingIn addition, disposable propane tanks aren’t built to be refilled. Although most people still attempt to refill them, these tanks have thin walls and don’t come equipped with a protection valve that protects the user during a refilling process. The walls are easily stressed, which can, ultimately, cause propane use failure and other serious consequences. Plus, it’s not even legal to transport your refilled disposable tanks. Federal Department of Transportation regulations prohibit the transport of disposable (also classified as “DOT 39”) cylinders that have been refilled. Anyone caught in violation of this regulation may be liable to a $500,000 fine and five years in prison.

It is for these reasons that ReFuel Your Fun promotes the switch to refillable propane tanks. Refillable tanks are long-lasting and self-recycling, significantly reducing the amount of waste that propane users generate.

Refillable tanks, like those manufactured by Flame King, are manufactured differently than disposable tanks. Their thicker walls and overfill protection valves make them safe to be refilled by qualified professionals. Not only are these tanks better for the environment, but they can create substantial savings for users who frequently use propane. Disposable cylinders can cost anywhere from $4 to $7 but only have the lifespan for one single use. Alternatively, refillable 1 lb cylinders have an initial cost of about $12 to $17 buy comes with a 10-year lifespan and the ability to be refilled hundreds of times for about $2 per fill

Flame King is a Proud Partner of ReFuel Your Fun

Flame King was rated one of the top three refillable propane tanks by Outside, the only 1 lb propane refill tank to make it onto the list. As a leader of 1 lb refillable propane tanks in the industry, we are proud to be a partner of the ReFuel Your Fun campaign, along with helping them spread the message of the positive impacts of refillable propane tanks.