100lb LP Cylinder Multi Valve

Model #: YSN100MLT-1

  • MULTI-VALVE 100LB TANK: Includes a service valve, high-capacity filler valve with integral back-check, pressure relief valve (375 PSIG ) and a POL valve, all in one single unit
  • ON-SITE REFILLING: No need to transport your tank to get refilled! The multi-valve 100lb tank allows you to do on-site refilling of your propane gas without disconnecting your appliances
  • High-grade steel welded propane cylinder; powder coated for rust prevention and long lasting exterior protection
  • X-ray and hydrostatic tested and DOT approved
  • 100lb propane tanks are great for mixed heating systems, home fireplaces, dryers and grills

Product Specifications

Weight: 70 lb

Capacity: 25 gal

Dimensions: 15 x 15 x 50 inches

Pallet quantity: 18 pieces