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Offer a Cleaner, Cheaper Alternative to Your Customers

With sustainable living on the rise, consumers are demanding more eco-friendly products from retailers. The Flame King 1 lb refillable propane cylinder is the perfect sustainable solution to capturing this growing market.

Our 1 lb refillable propane tanks keep millions of disposable propane tanks out of landfills while keeping you and your customers' wallets full. With our 1 lb refillable tanks, your business will have the opportunity to:

Enter New Markets

Offering refillable propane cylinders allows your business to reach new customers seeking environmentally-safe alternatives to disposables.

Preserve the Environment

Your customers can do their part in reducing their waste while continuing to do the things they enjoy.

Save Time

Our 1 lb refillable tank can be shipped directly to consumers, saving you time to focus on growing your business.

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As Featured On

“The Flame King refillable setup is very simple, converting your standard propane tank into a reservoir that can refill the 1-pound bottles.”

New York Times

"If it’s late on a Friday and you’re trying to leave to go camping after work, you can quickly refill Flame King propane cylinders and you’re good to go."

Outside Magazine

"If you use small propane bottles on a regular basis, then this is the only way to go."

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