Alice Frame Backpack for 10LB Propane Tank


Introducing the all new Propane Tank Backpack Carrier by Flame King! Weed Burning, Roof Asphalt Melting, Snow Melting, Paint removing, and wood fire starting has now just been made a whole lot easier! Forget about wheeling around your propane cylinder when you can now comfortably and easily maneuver while doing your torching with this incredible propane backpack.


  • Two heavily padded shoulder straps for added comfort and security
  • Wide waist strap with buckle to relieve back pressure
  • Straps made of high-grade cotton and frame made of steel for added durability
  • Incredibly lightweight to allow for less strained tank toting
  • Note: Backpack is designed for Flame King 10LB Propane Tank (sold separately); Torch is also sold separately

Product Specifications

Weight: 8.23 lb

Dimensions: 20 x 14 x 6 inches

Case quantity: 1 piece