Mini Propane Blow Torch Head 10,000 BTU

Model #: FK-PV777CGA

  • PENCIL-SHAPED FLAME – perfect for pinpoint heating; widely used for soldering, metal works, plumbing, woodworking, heat treating, and brazing; also used as a fire starter, charcoal/fire pit lighting, searing meat, and many more
  • MINI PROPANE TORCH – the small size also makes it a great kitchen buddy for caramelizing sugar, searing sous vide steaks, melting cheese, roasting bell peppers, glazing a baked ham, and toasting breadcrumbs.
  • FLAME ADJUSTMENT KNOB: Flame control valve easily adjusts the flame size and extinguishes when finished
  • SECURE CGA600 CONNECTION: Fits perfectly with the Flame King’s 1/4LB and 1LB Propane Cylinders; also works with popular fuel gases – standard 1lb Propane cylinders, MAPP, and MAP-PRO
  • CONSUMPTION: At 10,000 BTU Heat Output, this torch burns 2 hours on a single 1lb propane canister (sold separately); 1 Year Manufacturer’s Defect Warranty