Kitchen Culinary Butane Torch

Model #: YSNAX1-207

  • Flame control valve easily adjusts flame
  • Instant on/off trigger igniter with simple one-handed operation
  • Lock button keeps torch lit for finger-free use allowing for added precision and control
  • Gas Window pane allows for easier fuel level view

Product Specifications

Weight: 10 oz

Dimensions: 5.5 x 7 x 3 inches

The Flame King YSNAX1-207 Professional Butane Kitchen and Culinary Torch is highly versatile and allows you to create amazing dishes at home that were only available at restaurants-from crème brulee to indoor s’mores for the kids! Plus, it’s perfect for soldering and DIY house projects. With its adjustable flame you now will be able to get that Michelin-Star level of sear on meats, brown brulees, roast peppers, chicken filets, or any main course and desert you wish. Now let your creativity run free and happy torching!